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SPOTLIGHT: Besting the Billionaire by Alison Aimes @InkSlingerPR @alisonaimes #Giveaway @entangledpub

Today we have the blog tour for Alison Aimes BESTING THE BILLIONAIRE! Check it out and grab your copy today!!


Author: Alison Aimes

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: January 15th

About Besting the Billionaire:

Playing dirty in the boardroom just got a whole lot dirtier…. Billionaire Alexander Kazankov always wins. But he didn’t count on high-heeled, drop-dead sexy Lily Bennett getting in the way of his latest deal. She’s a distraction he doesn’t need, not when he’s so close to making things right for his family. Lily may walk and talk like a Southern piece of fluff, but she’s been underestimated before. She’s determined to succeed—and no entitled, arrogant asshole, especially the too-gorgeous-for-his-own-good-kind, is going to get in her way. Oil meet water. Gasoline meet spark. It’s all out war as these two enemies go toe-to-toe in an ugly, take no prisoners battle to prove they’re the right choice to be CEO of the same company. All too soon playing dirty in the boardroom leads to playing even dirtier in the dark. It’s destined to end in personal and professional disaster. So why can’t they stop?

Buttons exploded as she tore at his shirt. “I want you to do every single depraved thing you said, and then I want to show you all the dirty things I’ve been imagining doing to you.”
“So hot.” His hand slid up the silk of her thighs, jerking her skirt up, spreading her wide. If her core tasted one-tenth as sweet as her mouth, he was going to be in fucking heaven.
His fingers slipped beneath the thin lace of her panties and ripped, the flimsy barrier between him and his prize disappearing with ease.
Another bout of lust hit hard, the smell of peaches and honey even stronger now. “I’m going to consume you.”
She reared up and twisted her fingers in his hair. “Not if I devour you first.”
White-hot lust tinged his vision red.
 She never stopped surprising him.
“She was in here a few minutes ago.” The nervous male voice sounded through the door. “I’ll just go check and see if she’s still there.”
Her palms hit his chest so hard he stumbled back a step.
Then she was off the desk and rushing to the door, her body a near blur. As opposed to him, who couldn’t move. His entire blood supply currently utilized by his dick.
“I’m here. I’m here.” Her voice was ridiculously chipper, her hands moving a million miles a minute as she tucked wild strands of hair back into that ridiculous uptight hairdo she’d had before.
Swinging the door open a few millimeters, she peered out, keeping her body, wrecked clothes—and him—out of sight. “Thank you for the heads up, Jim.” Alexi couldn’t see her, but he could hear the strained, fake smile all the same. “I was practicing my presentation and didn’t realize how much time had passed. I’ll be out in a sex—ah, sec.”
The pause that followed was all kinds of awkward. “Ah, sure...You okay, Lily?”
“Great. Fine.” Her grip on the door tightened. “Be out in a moment and ready to rock it.”
She eased the door shut before turning and falling against it, her eyes sinking shut, a big breath shuddering through her.
Another wave of lust slammed through him. With her hands pressed back against the door, her hips out, she looked like some kind of exotic offering. One who was naked beneath that skirt—since he held her ripped panties in his hand.
He crushed them tighter in his grip.
She’d never looked so beautiful. Or so far from the aloof creature he’d first laid eyes on.
Until her eyes flared open and stared with cool, prim control. “That was a mistake.”

Grab Your Copy Today:

  Early Reviews for Besting the Billionaire: This book is a must read, without a doubt. It's a romantic suspense with two strong lead, some very interesting supporting characters and I loved the plot. The twists you won't see coming and dang I was just sure I knew who was behind some of the things and I was flat out wrong. You really don't want to miss this book! The cover is hot but doesn't hold a candle to the flames in this amazing story! –Ayekah@Goodreads  

 This was just such an intense read, so powerful and gripping. You do not want either character to lose. I loved how their story played out, finding out who was behind everything, and the epilogue (I totally loved) was sheer perfection. –Lori@Goodreads  

 Now this is how to write a category romance that just leaps of the page. I loved this, it was funny, smokin' hot, had a bit of suspense and kept me reading waaay into the small hours of the night. –Alison@Goodreads  

 This is the first book I’ve read from Alison Aimes and I am hooked. . . . It exceeded my expectations, it had a little bit of everything romance, comedy, steamy scenes and mystery. It was no wonder I couldn’t seem to put this book down. –Ofelia@Goodreads  

 Alison Aimes has done a great job with this book and it had me captivated from the very first page. I was totally hooked till the last page. I really enjoy this author’s books and she is becoming one of my all time favourite authors out there. I would totally recommend both this book and her other books, too. –Melinda@Goodreads  

 This was an awesome read and I hope to see more from Alison Aimes in the future! –books4me@Goodreads


About the Author:

Alison Aimes is the award-winning author of the sexy, sci-fi romance Condemned series as well as the sizzling, contemporary romance Billionaire Bad Boys collection. A romance fanatic with a PhD in Modern history, she’s an all-over-the-map kind of woman with a love for dramatic stories and great books, no matter the era. Now, she’s creating her own stories full of intrigue and passion, but always with a happy-ever-after ending.

Connect with Alison:

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads Author Page | Amazon Author Page | BookBub Author Page | Bookandmainbites | Sign up for her newsletter!

Alison is giving away a fantastic gift basket!

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SPOTLIGHT: Through a Dark Glass by Barb Hendee @lyricalpress #Fantasy #Giveaway @BarbHendeeOrg

by Barb Hendee
Genre: Historical Fantasy

Pub Date: 1/9/2018

On her seventeenth birthday, Megan of Chaumont discovers she’ll be sold as a bride to the brutish Volodane family—within hours. Her father grants only that she may choose which one of the ruthless, grasping lord's three sons she weds:
Rolf, the eldest: stern, ambitious, and loyal?
Sebastian, the second son: sympathetic, sly, and rebellious?
Or Kai, the youngest: bitter, brooding, and proud?
As shy, horrified Megan flees the welcome dinner for her in-laws-to-be, she finds an enchanted mirror that will display how her life unrolls with each man, as if she were living it out in a breath. But there is no smooth “happily ever after” in her choices.
Deaths and honors, joys and agonies, intrigues and escapes await her in a remote, ramshackle keep, where these rough but complex men reveal one side and then another of their jagged characters—and bring forth new aspects of Megan, too. But the decisions of one teenaged marriage-pawn reverberate much farther than any of them have guessed . . .

 I looked nothing like myself. Miriam had arranged my hair even more elaborately and used a small round iron on the curls around my face. Then she’d put touches of black kohl at the corners of my eyes. I wore an amber silk gown with a low, square-cut neckline that showed the tops of my breasts. I don’t know where she’d found the gown. It wasn’t mine, and it was much too small to have fit Helena. I supposed my mother must have had it made at some point while anticipating its need.
However, at the sight of me, my father beamed. I couldn’t meet his eyes. Seating at dinner was equally awkward with my father at the head of the table, my mother and I seated on one side, and all four of the Volodanes seated on the other—so I had no choice but to look at one of them when I raised my eyes from my plate of roasted pheasant.
                None of them had changed for dinner, and with the exception of Sebastian, they all wore armor and swords. Jarrod hadn’t bothered to shave his face and sported a dark stubble. I could almost feel my mother’s discomfort, but she smiled and made attempts at polite conversation.
                Only Sebastian responded to her questions about weather and wild flowers in the northern provinces. Rolf spoke only to his father or mine. Occasionally, he glanced at me as if I already belonged to him. I wasn’t listening to any of them. My heart pounded too loudly in my ears. But then I did hear Rolf say something about heading back north as soon as he and I were married.
                A long pause followed, and for the first time, I paid attention.
                “It is not settled yet that she will marry you,” my father finally responded. “Per our agreement, Megan will choose for herself.”
                Rolf’s face clouded. “I never agreed to that. I am the eldest. She will join with me.”
                Jarrod turned in his chair. “You’ll do as I tell you! Nothing less and nothing more!”
                Mother, Father, and I all flinched at his tone and his unthinkable manner at the table. Rolf’s face went red, and Sebastian leaned back his chair, smiling. Something about him was beginning to strike me as sly. He clearly enjoyed his older brother’s chastisement and discomfort.
                “Now, now,” he said, dryly. “We mustn’t seem uncouth.”
                Kai ignored all this. He ignored everything but his surroundings. His eyes were light brown like mine, and they moved from the opulent tapestries on our walls to the peach roses in silver vases on the table to the porcelain plates and pewter goblets.
                 Then for the first time, he looked directly at me.
“I fear you’ll find the furnishings at Volodane Hall somewhat lacking,” he said.
                His voice dripped with resentment, and I knew I’d not been wrong in my first assessment. He was angry.
                His tone was not lost on my mother, who answered him with a strained smile. “Of course, we’ll be sending some household things with her, and Megan will give your hall a woman’s touch.”
                These words made me wonder what had happened to Kai’s mother. I’d never asked and no one had mentioned this, but it seemed I would be the lady of their house. The very thought ensured I would not manage to eat another bite of dinner.
                Kai studied my mother evenly and breathed out through his teeth. “Our hall won’t be good enough for her. Nothing of us or ours will be good enough.”
                Then I realized the source of his anger. He resented the need for this bargain as much as we did. He knew that we—and most of the noble houses—looked down upon the Volodanes, and the last thing he probably wanted was a permanent reminder in his home of their lowly state in comparison to ours.
                “Quit!” Jarrod ordered him, pounding one hand on the table. In obedience, Kai stopped talking and withdrew back inside himself, ignoring everyone again.
                Sebastian looked at me and raised one eyebrow in amusement. I glanced away.
                Somehow—and I never quite knew how—we made it through the rest of dinner.
                By the time my mother rose, signifying the meal was over, my heart pounded in my ears again. I felt the edge of my self-control slipping away and knew that I had to gain a few moments to myself or I might possibly do or say something I’d later regret.
                “Please make my excuses,” I said quietly to Mother. “I will return quickly.” She frowned briefly, but then her face smoothed in annoyed understanding, and I realized she most likely thought I needed to relieve myself. I didn’t care what she thought.
                Turning, I fled the dining hall as fast as I could without running. Upon reaching the passage that led toward the kitchens, I couldn’t stop myself and broke into a run, racing in my heavy silk skirts until I reached an open archway in one side of the passage, just a few doors from the entrance to our kitchens.
                There, I took refuge in an old, familiar hiding place.
                As a child, I’d come to this storage room whenever I didn’t wish to be found. It was filled with crates, casks, and places to hide. No one ever entered except servants from the kitchens, and none of them ever noticed me secreted away behind a stack of crates.
                I hadn’t come here in years, but now, I breathed in relief at the respite of solitude and the illusion of safety.
                Slowly, I sank to my knees.
                As we were expecting a delivery of goods any day now, the storage room was nearly half-empty. I didn’t even attempt to hide behind crates or casks, as I knew I’d have to return to the hall long before anyone came looking me. A dismal prospect.
                What was I going to do? I couldn’t face the thought of my life married to any of those men. Until this afternoon, I’d never faced the prospect of marriage at all . . . but to one of them? I was not a weeper. My parents had never allowed such an indulgence, and I honestly wasn’t aware I knew how to cry, but tears came to my eyes and one dripped down my cheek. The water in my eyes made the following moment even more uncertain than it might have been.
                The air in the storage room appeared to waver. Alarmed, I wiped away my tears, but the motion of the wavering air grew more rapid, and then...something solid began taking shape.
                 Jumping up to my feet, I gasped.
There, near the far wall across the storage room, a great three-paneled mirror now stood where there had been only empty air an instant before. The thick frames around each panel were of solid pewter, engraved in the image of climbing ivy vines. The glass of the panels was smooth and perfect, and yet I didn’t see myself looking back.
                Instead, I found myself staring into the eyes of a lovely dark-haired woman in a black dress. Her face was pale and narrow, and she bore no expression at all. But there she was, inside the right panel gazing out me. Was I going mad? Had my parents driven me mad?
                “There is nothing to fear,” the woman said in a hollow voice.
                I doubted that statement. I feared for my sanity, but as yet, I’d not found my voice to answer her.
                “You are at a crossroad,” she continued, “with three paths.” As she raised her arms, material from her long black sleeves hung down. “I am bidden to give you a gift.”
                Here, sadness leaked into her voice, especially at the word “bidden,” and my mind began to race. Was this truly happening?
                “You will live out three outcomes . . . to three different choices,” she said. “Lives with men . . . connected by blood. Then you will have the knowledge to know . . . to choose.”
                I shook my head. “Wait! What are you saying?”
                Lowering both hands to her sides, she said, “The first choice.”
                Before I could speak again, the storage room vanished. Wild fear coursed through me as the world went black for the span of a breath, and then suddenly I found myself back in my family’s dining hall, only everything was different.
                Chairs had been set up in rows, and guests were seated in them. I wore a gown of pale ivory and held my father’s arm as he walked me past the guests toward the far end of the hall. Flowers in tall vases graced that same end, and a local magistrate stood there with a book in his hands.
                Beside the magistrate stood Rolf, wearing his armor and his sword.
                Turning, he looked at me in grim determination.

                He was waiting.
Barb Hendee is the New York Times bestselling author of The Mist-Torn Witches series. She is the co-author (with husband J.C.) of the Noble Dead Saga. She holds a master’s degree in composition/rhetoric from the University of Idaho and currently teaches writing for Umpqua Community College. She and J.C. live in a quirky two-level townhouse just south of Portland, Oregon.

Follow the tour HERE for exclusive excerpts and a giveaway!

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RELEASE BLITZ: His Wife by Ashley Hastings #Giveaway @IndieSagePR #Contemporary #NewRelease

His Wife

by Ashley Hastings Publication Date: January 18, 2018 Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance, Suspense
Read for Free in KindleUnlimited: Amazon

After the tragic death of his beautiful wife, Nathan Randolph is looking for companionship. Timid Darby Turner is twenty years his junior and inexperienced in love, confidence, and life. This unlikely couple marries after a whirlwind courtship. Darby has fallen in love for sure, and Nathan encourages her to explore a dark sexuality with him. Moving to his majestic, Southern plantation home, Darby realizes she does not know her new husband at all. Soon Darby is competing with the memory of Nathan’s dead wife. Can Darby win out against a memory, or will the past destroy her new love?

I saw papers spread across his desk. "I didn't mean to disturb you while you were working."
"This room is never off limits to you. You are always welcome here, Mrs. Randolph."
I flushed with pleasure at his words. He came closer and ran a finger down my cheek.
"In fact, you are particularly welcome right now." He was so bold that he squeezed my breasts with both hands, and I gasped.
"Don't be shy, Mrs. Randolph. I need you naked and ready to fuck." Nathan said these shocking words in a casual, off-hand kind of way.
"Now? Here?" My words were a little breathless in my surprise.
I was almost in a panic. I wanted to make the house feel like home, but I was a little intimidated about stripping bare in the middle of all this majestic grandeur. I remembered the paintings of Nathan’s ancestors I had studied earlier. There were a couple of portraits in this room, too. I felt like the eyes of those long dead were watching me, and passing judgment on my actions.
"Yes. Definitely now. Definitely here." He raised one arrogant eyebrow at me.
"Nate, I don't think this is a good idea…" My voice trailed off.
Without warning, he snatched me up and carried me to the big chair behind his desk. He positioned me on my stomach over his lap. I knew what was coming, and I was scared and delighted all at once. He pulled my pants down to my ankles, taking my panties down at the same time. Bare and exposed, I squirmed.
Smack! Smack! SMACK! The blows came hard and in quick succession. If ghosts were watching, they were undoubtedly scandalized.
"Nate, please! I'm sorry!" I protested loudly. It hurt, but I had the urge to giggle, too.
"What did I tell you happened to bad girls? What happens in this library?" Nathan’s voice was stern, and his tone stopped my giggles.
"They get spanked, with their panties off." I sounded like a little girl.
I squirmed to get free, but I think I liked being his bad girl. From virgin to pervert, in less than one day.

About Ashley Hastings

Ashley Hastings lives with a menagerie of animals, and one day aspires to be a crazy, old cat lady. She has a starter set of three cats right now. Ashley likes to take long walks each day while she dreams about what her characters will do in the future, and is already hard at work on her next novel.

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SPOTLIGHT: Pre-Order Season of Love Box Set #99Cents 6 Authors #Historical #Victorian @KarynGerrard

Release Date: March 13, 2018
SIX Victorian Historicals from USA TODAY and bestselling authors

t's time for the season--and love. The ladies of the ton are looking for a husband and some may find one in the oddest places... Become lost in the romance as each lady discovers a season filled with love and in some cases--mystery. 

(click on the author's name to go to their website)

Taming a Rogue Earl
 by Tammy Andresen Lord Lucius Loudoun is capable of success in only two endeavors... work and women. Bedding them, anyway. He's given up trying to accomplish anymore. So why is he even tempted by an innocent like Miss May Stanley? 

A Hidden Ruby by Dawn Brower The Duke of Huntly uses his roguish charm to woo and win, a second time, the woman he loves--Rubina, the wife he'd believed dead 

The Governess and the Beast
 by Karyn Gerrard Lila Jenner answers an ad for a governess. But she has been employed to be a companion of a different sort: To a man who embodies both beauty and the beast. Baron Simon Wolstenholme is cloistered away from society. Horribly scarred from battle wounds, he lives up to his infamous title "The Beast of Stonecliff" Simon bargains with Lila for a singular night of passion. Many obstacles lay before them until they can admit their true feelings, though pride could destroy the fairy tale before it begins. 

Scandalous Redemption
 by Amanda Mariel Ruined by scandal, Claudia Akford survived years of marriage to a cruel brute. Widowed, she is determined to regain her standing in society, and enjoy the remainder of her life. Lord Shillington personifies temptation: kind and gentle, yet masculine and sinfully handsome, he would make the perfect lover. Unfortunately, he wants more than she is willing to give. 

Unraveled Souls
 by Sandra Sookoo Noelle Radliffe can communicate with ghosts. They haunt her nights and show her dreams of things that haven't yet occurred. Nicholas Pemberton, charming and charismatic, hides a secret, one that is deadly as well as mysterious. As passion between them ignites, so does the danger. Lives are threatened and destinies collide, but will love be enough to save their souls? 

Unraveling Secrets
 by Lana Williams Abigail's attempts to protect her family from her father's murderer have led her to the seedy streets of Victorian London, where she meets Stephen Nolton, Viscount Ashbury. But will the secrets of the past threaten their undeniable chemistry? chemistry?


Karyn Gerrard, born and raised in the Maritime Provinces of Eastern Canada, now makes her home in a small town in Northwestern Ontario. When she’s not cheering on the Red Sox or travelling in the summer with her teacher husband, she writes, reads romance, and drinks copious amounts of Earl Grey tea. 

 Even at a young age Karyn’s storytelling skills were apparent, thrilling her fellow Girl Guides with off-the-cuff horror stories around the campfire. A multi-published author, she loves to write sensual historical and contemporaries. Tortured heroes are an absolute must. 

 As long as she can avoid being hit by a runaway moose in her wilderness paradise she assumes everything is golden. Karyn’s been happily married for a long time to her own hero. His encouragement and loving support keeps her moving forward.

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SPOTLIGHT: South Landers Series by Virginia Taylor @authorVTaylor #Sale #Historical Starling #99Cents

Welcome to Virginia Taylor, author of the South Landers Historical series!

Between 1/14 and 1/28, all my South Landers series historical romances are being discounted. Starling will be $0.99 and the others $2.99. Although each story is set in South Australia in the 1860s each is a standalone although most of the lead characters know one another. 

Perhaps you have never read an historical romance set in SA? If not I will give you a tiny preview from Starling, here.

“I’m Starling, from...” She indicated Mr. Seymour’s house. “You must be Mrs. Burdon.”

“Yes,” the woman answered distractedly. “Jane Burdon.” She covered her quivering mouth with one gloved hand. “Do you think Mr. Seymour will get her out? He’s over there.”

Starling narrowed her eyes at the three dirt-streaked men who were peering into another hole mounded on one side with soil, but she didn’t spot Mr. Seymour. A few minutes later, she saw him emerge from the hole, shirtless and muddy.

“We’ll need strong shoring,” he said to the men. “The sides are beginning to move. Take the wagon to the timber yard, Derry, and tell Joe I sent you. Grab every piece of planking you can find. Don’t take more than half an hour. We can’t wait any longer than that, or the work we’ve done will be a waste of time.” He hauled a bag of dirt out of the hole and dumped the weight on the slippery verges. His big shoulders strained.

“Need spelling yet, Seymour?” A stout man emptied the soil and handed the limp sack back to him.

“Not until it’s safe. I’ll go on until the shoring arrives.” Mr. Seymour wiped a stained hand through his dirt-plastered hair.

This morning, while he’d wandered around more than half-naked, Starling’s only reaction had been embarrassment. She’d never seen a bare man before him. Now she gazed at his manly form, wishing he wasn’t quite so physically attractive. She would hate to see such a fine body injured, and she was scared for him, but as he stood with the rain sluicing over his skin, he looked insoluble, like a great stone monument.

Within moments, and not even glancing at her, he disappeared headfirst back into his hole.

Starling held her umbrella over Mrs. Burdon. “He’ll get her out,” she said, repeating the words the servants had told her. “He never gives in once he’s made up his mind to help.”

“I wish I could see Tammy. I can’t even hear her. Mr. Seymour says he knows how far down she’s wedged.” Mrs. Burdon’s face creased with worry.

Starling reached out a tentative hand. Mrs. Burdon grasped her fingers. The men continued to empty the bags of soil while Mr. Seymour filled them. The hole looked tiny, not much wider than a man’s shoulders, yet the earth being removed seemed never-ending.

When the shoring arrived, Mr. Seymour widened the hole, and then the heavy-set, older man, who Starling had identified as Mr. Burdon, took over. Mr. Seymour paced. Not wanting to be noticed by him, certain he would not be bolstered by her presence, Starling pulled the waterproof farther over her head, left the umbrella with Mrs. Burdon, and squelched in her waterlogged boots back to the house. 


This part of the story was inspired by many tales of the same sort of rescue, one in Australia about the time I was writing Starling. I’m not sure who the rescuers were, but a group tunneled overnight to get a child out of a pipe. It was televised and took many hours. Like the rest of Australia, I cried when the child was pulled out alive. The strain on the faces of the men, the lack of light in the tunnel, and the sheer heroism of this act was inspiring, and of course I want my heroes to be inspiring.

Alasdair Seymour, the hero in Starling, made his fortune by tunneling, though for profit until he needed to help the child. In doing so, he caused Starling to see him not as her oppressor but as man whose courage she can’t deny. This way, he takes his first step in gaining her trust. However, historical accuracy is also important to me and I know old wells have been found in the vicinity of the place I used for the setting. 

In the early days of the colonial settlement of South Australia, (1836) aborigines lived in and around the site that Colonel Light, the city planner, had decided to use as the capital city, Adelaide. Because hills lined the coast, the new settlement was constructed in a long line in front. In those days, the River Torrens (named after the man who invented the Torrens Title, used worldwide) was the only close source of fresh water.

Collecting this water was a problem. Justifiably annoyed by having their land invaded, the native tribesmen kept in sight of the riverbanks, finding the desperate settlers easy targets for their spears. Not about to be defeated so easily, the settlers built tunnels to the river. They also built wells close to the banks for the same reason, using guards while the water was being drawn.

Thirty years later, (1863) after the city of Adelaide had been developed, and the wells and tunnels disbanded, my hero in Starling, Alasdair, built his home on one of these sites. But Alasdair is an autocratic wealthy man and he has one use only for Starling—as his fake bride. What better way to show that he has another side than to have him rescue a child from a ghastly death? What better way to have Starling see him in a different light, than as a man with character?

Available now!
Kensington Publishing/Lyrical Press
Book 1 Starling on for 99 Cents until Jan 28, 2018

AMAZON: (For Starling) (For Series)





After training at the South Australian School of Art, Virginia worked in an advertising agency for a short time. She left to train as a nurse/midwife and met the man of her dreams. Two children later, she changed tack again and began theatre set painting and design. Now she fills her days as a full-time writer.