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COVER REVEAL: Marriage with a Proper Stranger by @KarynGerrard @lyricalpress #preorder #historical

by Karyn Gerrard
(Men of Wollstonecraft Hall #1) 
Kensington Publishing/Lyrical Press Feb 6, 2018

“Build a wall about your heart.”

Riordan Wollstonecraft labors under the heavy burden of his forebears. For generations, a curse has followed the dashing young men of his family, guaranteeing the women they love an untimely death.  The youngest grandson of the Earl of Wollstonecraft Hall, charismatic Riordan is quietly resigned to his fate, an educator who devotes his life to good works, and ignores any longing for something more . . .

Widowed and penniless, Lady Sabrina Lakeside is desperate to avoid a second forced betrothal—this time to an aged marquess. Her chance encounter with Riordan leads her to an impulsive offer: a temporary marriage of convenience that could benefit them both. His agreement is as surprising as it is welcome. Before long, Riordan’s keen intellect and kind words have Sabrina rethinking her plans of a union in name only. But her new husband is holding something back. Will giving in to their tantalizing passion lead her only to further heartache . . . or could it be the first step toward healing them both?

✔︎Sexy beta hero
✔︎Grandson to an earl
✔︎Schoolmaster with a progressive soul
✔︎Loves children and kittens
✔︎Knight in shining armour

“What have we here?” Mr. Black asked, his blue eyes twinkling with amusement.
“Luncheon. Please. Open it and help yourself.”
Mr. Black got to his feet, picked up a nearby chair, and carried it to the front of his desk. “Have a seat, my lady.”
As she made herself comfortable, Mr. Black unpacked the lunch. “Cold salmon sandwiches. A rare treat. Cheese, biscuits, sliced strawberries.” He held up a jar. “And lemonade. Shall I serve?”
Sabrina nodded, and Mr. Black quickly loaded food onto the stoneware plates, passing one to her along with a paper napkin. He took his seat, bit into the sandwich and smiled. “Very tasty.”
“I believe Mrs. Kempson adds dill weed to the salmon mixture. There are four dozen ginger biscuits for the children. For teatime this afternoon.”
“No teatime, I’m afraid. The children work until five.” Mr. Black finished his sandwich and reached for another wedge. Goodness, she should have brought more food.
“There should be a break, at least in my opinion, to rest or play for ten minutes. Or have a biscuit. Or an apple.” Sabrina pointed to the basket of fruit by his desk. “Do you provide them yourself or does this board you spoke of?”
“I paid for this, but am hoping it will become part of the budget. Many of the children have little enough to eat, and an apple can provide many needed nutrients.” He poured them glasses of lemonade. “I must say I like your idea of a break. Ten minutes. It would be a recess from learning, to allow for play or quiet time or to eat a ginger biscuit. Thank you for bringing them.”
His words were cordially spoken and despite her determination not to react to this man, her cheeks flushed. “Now that we’re settled in, what do you wish to discuss with me?” he asked.
Lord, where to begin? Finishing her sandwich, she dabbed the corners of her mouth and laid the napkin on the plate. “I recently came out of mourning. My late husband, the earl, did not provide for me in his will. His heir and nephew tossed me out and I had no choice but to return to my father.”
Mr. Black frowned. “I am sorry this happened to you. It’s a travesty women do not have any rights whether inside of marriage or out.”
“No, we do not. None at all. My hateful father no longer wishes to provide for me as he has his own plans to remarry. To paraphrase, he does not wish his widowed, ancient daughter lurking about the house.”
Mr. Black’s mouth quirked with amusement. “You’re hardly doddering, my lady.”
“According to Society, I am. I’m thirty years of age. My father believes I’m only fit for old men. Pepperdon was more than thirty-five years older. I will not be forced into such a union again.” Sabrina exhaled. She had come this far. Might as well lay it all out. “The baron has given me an ultimatum. Marry another prehistoric peer or I will be left to find my own way in the world.”
Mr. Black’s friendly smile turned into a frown. “Damn. Pardon, my lady. I am sorry to hear this.”
“Good. Then you can aid me by marrying me. Right away.”

THANK YOU KENSINGTON for the new cover!

I have gone all out trope-wise for this series, and the main one in this book is the 'marriage of convenience' one! It is also one of the longest I have written, at 82,000+ words. Also this is the first series I have written where the plots and characters are intertwined in all three books. 

MARRIAGE WITH A PROPER STRANGER (Men of Wollstonecraft Hall #1) Kensington Publishing/Lyrical Press Feb 6, 2018
SCANDAL WITH A SINFUL SCOT (Men of Wollstonecraft Hall #2) Kensington Publishing/Lyrical Press June 5, 2018
LOVE WITH A NOTORIOUS RAKE (Men of Wollstonecraft Hall #3) Kensington Publishing/Lyrical Press Dec 2018

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(Men of Wollstonecraft Hall #2) 
Publisher: Kensington/Lyrical Press  
Release Date: June 5th, 2018 

“You must lock away your heart at all costs.”

Falling in love was the darkest moment of Garrett Wollstonecraft’s privileged youth, even as he and Abigail Hughes shared a blissful summer of passionate promise. Sworn to keep Abigail safe from the curse plaguing generations of Wollstonecraft men, Garrett sacrificed his future happiness. Now, fourteen years after he lost his heart, Abigail reenters his life. But the woman who arrives unannounced at his ancestral manor is very different from the sheltered girl Garrett once knew.

The widow of a country doctor, Abigail can’t forgive Garrett for his cruel rejection. Yet she can no longer keep the truth from him—a secret that could have resulted in her ruin. But as the embers of desire reignite, and Abigail and Garrett slowly rebuild trust, a malicious enemy plots against them. Is their love strong enough to break free from the sins of the past—and to end the tragic cycle that consigns Garrett to a life of loneliness?

Cover coming soon!


Karyn Gerrard, born and raised in the Maritime Provinces of Eastern Canada, now makes her home in a small town in Northwestern Ontario. When she’s not cheering on the Red Sox or travelling in the summer with her teacher husband, she writes, reads romance, and drinks copious amounts of Earl Grey tea. 

 Even at a young age Karyn’s storytelling skills were apparent, thrilling her fellow Girl Guides with off-the-cuff horror stories around the campfire. A multi-published author, she loves to write sensual historical and contemporaries. Tortured heroes are an absolute must. 

 As long as she can avoid being hit by a runaway moose in her wilderness paradise she assumes everything is golden. Karyn’s been happily married for a long time to her own hero. His encouragement and loving support keeps her moving forward.

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SPOTLIGHT: In Between Earth and Sky by Heidi Hutchinson @ChosenbyFaith #Giveaway @InkSlingerPR

Today we have the blog tour for In Between the Earth and Sky by Heidi Hutchinson! Check it out and be sure to grab your copy today!

                                       Title: In Between the Earth and Sky
Author: Heidi Hutchinson
Genre: Contemporary Romance

About In Between the Earth and Sky:

What happens when an irresistible force meets an immovable object?

Remington Rohan was not a rule follower.

Former model (though not one of the “super” kind), successful influencer and life coach. Currently paid to tell people how to achieve the best from their lives and careers. In other words, a complete contradiction to how he preferred to live—namely, on his own terms and without input from others.

Everything about his life was going according to plan.

Until he started spending way too much time with a woman who defied his prejudices and challenged his beliefs.

Lydia Larkin was not a genius.

Gifted, clever, and stubborn. Raised on star maps and Hendrix, she was born an explorer. Temporarily tied down to a private sector science job, she knew she was biding her time before she was off to discover and build something new.

Not one to let society tell her who she was, she wasn’t about to let a professional influencer tell her she had to change to be happy.

Buckle up and brace for impact.

In Between the Earth and Sky
© 2017 Heidi Hutchinson

Lydia had a concussion.
And eleven stitches.
Three in her scalp and eight in her side.
She was more upset about the stitches than the concussion. The concussion was bound to happen to her eventually anyway with the way she charged at life headfirst. But this was her first experience with stitches. In all her years of travel and adventure, she had never torn open her skin to the point of needing to sew it back together.
She glared at her new companion.
Remington Rohan.
She wasn’t sure what she had done to deserve this kind of punishment, but she was pretty sure she’d never do it again.
He must’ve sensed her glare because his attention shifted to her. He took a deep breath and exhaled audibly.
Her lips and tongue itched to bite at him verbally. This was his fault, not hers. And now she was going to have to stay the night in the hospital.
In all the pandemonium, she hadn’t stopped to think about whether anyone had called her mom.
“Well,” the doctor said, not even glancing up from the chart as he entered the room. “We can let you go home as long as someone is with you for the next twenty-four hours, in case there are further issues with the head injury. Also, if you want to wash your hair, you’ll need help. Keep the stitches dry for 48-hours. Then you can return to showering with soap and shampoo normally.”
She dropped back onto the bed and swallowed a groan. One night in the hospital. How expensive could it be? And she’d have to go a few days without washing the dirt out of her hair? How was that a better option than getting the stitches wet?
Maybe she could construct something out of duct tape and—
“Do I have to sign something?”
Her eyes flew open at Remington’s question.
“Nope.” The doctor smiled and checked something off on the clipboard. “You can check-out with the nurse anytime.” He finally glanced up at Lydia. “Take care of that bump, young lady.”
She just started after him as he left.
Lydia blinked at the empty doorway. Then she blinked at Remington.
It was a slight consolation that he didn’t look pleased either.
“You’re taking me home?” she asked, still not sure she understood what was happening.
He tried to smile but it was really more of a grimace. “Don’t make it sound so sexy, Larkin.”

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About Heidi Hutchinson:

Heidi Hutchinson was born in South Dakota and raised the exact right distance away from the Black Hills. She had an overactive imagination very early on, and wasted no time in getting most of her friends in trouble due to her unrealistic and completely ridiculous ideas. Seeing as she was so lazy and also afraid people would think she was bonkers, she didn't write down any of the story lines that played out in her daydreams.

During her high school years, she took pen to paper and filled more notebooks than she is proud of with angsty, depressing, self-deprecating poetry. This led to her writing down more things: notes, ideas, character bios, plot twists that had no plot yet to twist. After years of cleaning up her own scraps of imagination with nothing solid to hold on to, she sat down and wrote the story that had been in her head the longest. Fueled by coffee and her unwavering and perfectly normal devotion to Dave Grohl, she discovered a writer living inside of her.

She still lives in the Midwest, though not as close to the Black Hills as she would prefer, with her alarmingly handsome husband and their fearless child. They eat more pizza than God intended and she listens to her music the same way she lives: loudly.

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SPOTLIGHT: Deal Breaker by Tara Leigh @InkSlingerPR #Giveaway @TaraLeighBooks #Contemporary

Today we have the blog tour of Deal Breaker by Tara Leigh! I am so excited to share this with you—check it out and grab your copy today!
Title: Deal Breaker
Author: Tara Leigh
Genre: Contemporary Romance
About Deal Breaker:
Nixie Rowland is having a bad day. Rushing home to drown her sorrows in ice cream and reality television, she decides to take a shortcut to the subway where things take a turn for the worst. But Nixie’s bad luck doesn’t end there—the white knight who comes to her rescue is none other than the Dark Knight of Wall Street, a cocky Manhattan mogul whose ego barely fits inside his penthouse. To her horror, Nixie discovers the sizzling attraction between them is off the charts, and rising fast. Spending the night in his bed does nothing to lower the heat… And everything to set her heart on fire.
Nash Knight doesn’t have room in his life, or his heart, for anything beyond one-night stands or casual flings. And he certainly doesn’t make a habit of rescuing damsels in distress. Except that this particular damsel slips beneath his armor, the vulnerability she covers with a false show of bravado hitting him somewhere deep. Nixie is everything he never wanted… And exactly what he needs.
With Nixie on the run from a controlling ex, and Nash trying to salvage a business deal at risk because his conquests in the bedroom are overshadowing his wins in the boardroom, there’s one simple solution for them both: a marriage in name only. But when lust becomes love, will their untamed emotions be a deal breaker?

I wasn’t blind. I could see the results of my time in the gym. Women threw themselves at me on a regular basis, and I enjoyed playing with them. Could appreciate the softness of their bodies and the lushness of their curves. Wasn’t immune to their full lips and husky laughs. But they were interchangeable. Easily forgettable.
There were people I respected in my life. Most of whom now worked for me. If they were smart, they ignored my impatience. If they weren’t . . . well, I fired them.
And if I had any doubts that I was on the right track, all I had to do was look at my bank balance. There, in black and white, or maybe I should say green, was proof of my success. For those who called me a coldhearted bastard, I’d say the Arctic was treating me pretty damn well.
What was it about Nixie that was raising the temperature? At the twinge in my pants, I looked down. Jesus Christ. She was raising something else as well. If she didn’t get out of the bathroom soon, I was going to embarrass myself. Not that there was any reason to rush. She’d made it perfectly clear she wasn’t interested in my joining her, and it wasn’t just because of the slice in her side. Nixie wasn’t interested in me. She was counting the minutes until daylight, until she could make an escape.
Which brought me back to my original question. I’d seen two emotions on Nixie’s face, besides her obviously false show of confidence. Fear, at first. And then sadness.
God help me, I wanted to grab hold of a sword and slay whatever dragons dared turn their fire on her.
And afterward, I wanted to ride triumphantly through gates she opened just for me and see what lay inside.
Why? No idea. This was new territory for me. Sure, she was beautiful. But so was every woman I’d ever slept with, and the list was long. She was unimpressed by me, and wanted to be anywhere but here, in my apartment.
I shouldn’t care. But I did. I wanted her to want me as much as I wanted her. Even though that would be a disaster. I had too much on my plate right now. My business, family obligations. The last thing I needed was to fuck it all up by getting involved with a flame-haired art student.
I was completely out of my element, even though I was standing in the middle of my own damn bedroom. I preferred women who wanted the same things I wanted, women who enjoyed a fun night here and there but didn’t expect any more from me than a series of mind-blowing orgasms. Which I delivered.
This one, though, she had baggage. I could feel the weight of her expectations through the closed door separating us.
This one, I needed to leave the fuck alone.

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About Tara Leigh:

Tara Leigh attended Washington University in St. Louis and Columbia Business School in New York, and worked on Wall Street and Main Street before “retiring” to become a wife and mother. When the people in her head became just as real as the people in her life, she decided to put their stories on paper. Tara currently lives in Fairfield County, Connecticut with her husband, children and fur-baby, Pixie.

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SPOTLIGHT: One Crazy Christmas by Bonnie Edwards @BonnieEdwards #Holidays #Romance #NewRelease

by Bonnie Edwards

  • File Size: 1883 KB
  • Print Length: 113 pages
  • Publication Date: October 10, 2017
  • Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC
  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B0763DCW2D

Between them, they have five daughters. They live in different countries. But love doesn’t give a fig about that because this is One Crazy Christmas…

Karyn Whyte is a busy single mom of two, the owner of Whyte’s Christmas—a woman who would like to meet a convenient man—one who lives nearby, has no baggage and makes no demands. Oh, and he must like curvy women.

Cade Devine’s a devoted single dad to three little girls. Sure, he’s got his hands full, but that doesn’t mean he wants to be alone.

At a mutual friend’s wedding, interest flares at first sight between Karyn and Cade. Enticed and attracted, they break free of their constraints for one long weekend of passion and deeply satisfying companionship. During their three-month secret romance, they learn they’re perfect together. But there are five other hearts at stake and Karyn and Cade accept that responsibility must win over the love they’ve found. Fate can be cruel and sometimes love hurts.

Accepting an invitation to Christmas with their newlywed friends brings Karyn, Cade and their children face-to-face and anything can happen when love and family come together… 

One Crazy Christmas
(Christmas Collection #3)

Bonnie Edwards

Chapter 1

Labour Day Weekend, Vancouver Island, Canada

Karyn Whyte tried to pay attention to the wedding taking place in her best friend’s townhouse, but she couldn’t take her eyes off the man who’d just arrived. Not because he’d entered alone and not because he was handsome and well-built.
Certainly not because he looked sheepish at arriving a few minutes late.
Because of all of the above. Plus, he was age appropriate. Mid-thirties, like her. She flashed him a reassuring nod and a brief smile.
He tilted his head and relaxed his broad shoulders. His full lips turned up at the corners and his gaze slid down to her toes. His hair looked freshly cut, his jaw clean-shaven. His dressy jacket screamed class and his brilliantly white shirt accented his tanned throat and neck. He was dressed perfectly for an intimate wedding in a living room.
The small group of friends and family stood in a loose semi-circle around the bride and groom. Casual, fun, and close-knit would categorize the nuptials. This was the second marriage for both bride and groom.  New-found, hopeful love was palpable in the air.
Karyn tore her attention from the newcomer and focused on the event. Her best friend, Miranda Bailey, said her vows to Kirk Fontaine, and her little dog Bella delivered the rings. Jordyn Bailey, Miranda’s daughter, was maid of honor while Kirk’s son, Tom, was best man.
Kirk kissed Miranda and turned to face the room and the merry gathering. He swung his bride’s hand into the air as if in victory. “I’ve got her now and I’ll never let her go.”
A cheer went up amid laughter and well wishes and Karyn sighed with the romance of it as her heart pitta-patted.
Miranda and Kirk had fallen in love quickly. Their decision to marry had been lightning fast. It gave Karyn hope that setting aside romance for a few years while she raised her daughters hadn’t been a mistake. She gave her best friend a hug as soon as the other well-wishers gave her space.
Miranda moved her to the side. “Did you notice that Jordyn looks off?”
She hadn’t. “Now that you mention it, she does look forlorn.”
“Heartsick,” Miranda said, with a shake of her head. “There must be trouble between her and Tom.”
“So, they’re still pretending they’re not seeing each other?” She kept her voice low.
Miranda rolled her eyes in confirmation. “How she can think her own mom won’t see what’s happening is beyond me.” Her friend gave her an assessing glance. “You look gorgeous today. I expected you to bring a date.”
Karyn loved both Miranda who was eleven years older than Karyn and Jordyn who was six years younger. They were like sisters to her. At thirty-six she had recently started online dating to no avail. “Nothing’s panned out. Men don’t like to hear about my girls and they sure don’t want to know Max is still in our lives. They think Max being around is messy when it’s anything but.”
Her ex-husband Max was a good father, always had been, always would be, but he was a bad match for Karyn. It had taken eight years and two babies before they both wanted out. Neither of them was bitter and they were relieved to have come to a place where they could put the girls’ needs ahead of their own.
“I’ve always admired you for your mature response to your divorce. And Max, too.”
“Last week a date told me Max was extra baggage he didn’t want.” She blew a disgusted breath. “I need a drink and it’s time for the toasts.”
Miranda was drawn away by more friends and Karyn walked to the drinks table. She hoisted a champagne bottle in the air. “Who’s empty?” she called out with a grin.
The man with broad shoulders and eyes that burned down her body now stood by the front window. She flushed at his focused regard.
Jordyn waved her champagne flute and stepped over to Karyn for a refill. “What’s up, Jordyn? You’re putting on a happy face but you’re not feeling it. I know how happy you are about your mom and Kirk, so it’s not the wedding that’s got you so blue.”
Her friend’s eyes glistened. “Is it that obvious?”
“That your heart’s in pieces? Of course. You forget I’ve known you since before your first crush.” She looked pointedly at Tom. Jordyn’s gaze followed the same direction for a heartbeat, and then she turned back to Karyn with a false smile.
“Mom told me you’re trying some internet dates?” It was clear Jordyn would not confide so Karyn allowed the change of subject.
She said, “I’m getting my ass kicked at that game. There’s not a lot of interest in thirty-something single moms with muffin tops.”
Jordyn laughed because she was supposed to. It was an ongoing joke between the Bailey women and Karyn. They were tall blonds with long limbs while Karyn was definitely not. “Why don’t you sidle on over to where Tom’s chatting with that gorgeous hunk of man and talk to him?” She was still finding it hard not to eat the man with her eyes.
“Tom?” Jordyn’s fingers tightened on the stem of her champagne flute. “He’s, uh, not really my kind of guy. And he’s younger.”
Karyn managed not to roll her eyes. Barely. “You’re hardly old, Jordyn. Tom’s a full-grown man from what I can see. Even next to that gorgeous hunk of man.” Karyn waggled her eyebrows, hoping her friend would catch on.
“Ah, now I get it,” Jordyn said with a gotcha grin. “You’d like me to introduce you to that gorgeous hunk?”
Karyn smoothed her dress and cursed her lack of foresight. She should have worn her body-shaper but she’d opted for comfort. “Do you know him?” She sounded breathy. Get a grip.
“Cade Devine, he’s the project manager for Fontaine Homes and a good friend of Kirk and Tom.”
Karyn sighed. “Even his name’s sexy as sin.” She checked him out again and caught his glance. “Uh oh, he’s looking over here.”
Jordyn smiled at Cade and waved him over. He left Tom and made straight for the women, his gaze roving over Karyn. Her belly fluttered and her palms heated along with her cheeks. “Hi, Jordyn,” Cade said in a come-get-it rumble, but his eyes never left Karyn’s.
The man was potent. Tall, broad, handsome, and focused like a fox on a hen. She swallowed hard. Too dry! She was too dry to swallow properly. He noticed and the light in his eyes changed from interest to pure male focus.
She took a good long swallow from her champagne glass when what she needed was a swig or nine from the bottle. “Hi,” she said. “I’m Karyn. Karyn with a K and um, a Y.”
He leaned in very close to her ear and his warm breath nearly singed her hair. “I’m Cade with a C and I’m pleased to meet you. Now that we can spell each other’s names I’d like to know more about you.” He leaned back and gave her room to faint if she needed it. Which she might. “Scratch that,” he said in his sexy growl of a voice. “I want to know everything about you.”
~ ~ ~
Cade waited for the shapely brunette to answer. Everything about her interested him. He’d grilled Tom about her immediately. He now knew she was divorced, had a great sense of humor, and was very close with Miranda and Jordyn. All those things and her killer body had drawn him in. If Miranda liked her she was good people. Kirk’s bride was a smart, discerning woman.
Up close Karyn was even prettier than he’d thought, with a smattering of freckles across her nose. She had full lips and soft gray eyes. Eyes that had gone wide with shock when he’d leaned in so close.
But she hadn’t backed up or put up a wall against his nearness. He’d felt invited.
“You want to know about me?” she asked in a voice that held a sexy rasp as if she’d burnt her vocal cords.
“I do.”
She sized him up for a long moment but having decided he was worth the effort, she began to talk. “I’ve had a lot of first dates in the last few months and I’ve been told I say too much about myself.” She pursed her lips as if determined not to overshare.
“First dates?”
She nodded. “I don’t go on a lot of second dates.”
“I can’t imagine any man with brains walking away from you.” It wasn’t flattery. He’d never said a more honest thing to a woman in his life.
Her face changed and she straightened her back. “I have two daughters, and an ex-husband who shares custody. Max is a big part of our lives and a lot of men back off when they hear about the total package.”
And there it was, the only thing that could kill his interest in a heartbeat. “I have three daughters and their mom has left the state. I don’t know if she’ll ever come back.”
“So you’re on your own with them?”
He nodded. When he saw her eyes moisten in pity, he stepped back. “No need to feel sorry for me. We’re managing fine.” He wished it were true, but at least he was making headway answering their questions about their mom’s departure.
Karyn opened her luscious lips to speak but then closed them again. Her eyes filled with disappointed understanding.
“It was nice to meet you,” he said and left before he said anything else. Anything that might sound desperate or make him seem as lonely as he was. Five girls between them. No way could anything come of meeting the most beautiful woman he’d met in years.
The pop went out of his whole weekend. His in-laws had the girls and he’d looked forward to his friend’s wedding as a good time away from his responsibilities. He refused to feel guilty about needing a break. Even Judith, his mother-in-law,  had told him to have a great time and not to give the girls a second thought.
He dug his cell phone out of his pocket and called to see how they were doing. When his call was answered he said, “Hi, Judith. How’s it going?”
“Great. Right now they’re deep into a board game. Holly’s winning but Eva and Sofia are catching on. Did you know Eva’s a strategist?”
“That sounds right. That girl can get around any obstacle.” He smiled and warmed at the news the girls were having fun and behaving well. “So you don’t need me to come home early?”
“Not at all.” He heard her breathing change as she walked the phone away from the chattering girls. “Cade. They’re happy and having a good time. Take this weekend and enjoy yourself. You’ve earned a break.”
He nodded. “If you’re sure.” He looked across the living room to where Karyn stood beside the bride. Both women were beauties, but Karyn’s curves put her into a whole other category. When he caught her glance he smiled because he couldn’t help it.

She brought out the happy in him.

Here's the universal buy link for One Crazy Christmas -  https://books2read.com/OneCrazyChristmas

Also check out Not So Blue Christmas!

Bonnie Edwards
Genre: Contemporary
Release Date: August 23, 2015
Format: Ebook
Length: Novella

Not-So-Blue Christmas Blurb

In this second chance at love romance, Kirk Fontaine can’t bear to talk to anyone, let alone enjoy Christmas. Away from home, in a small harbor city in Canada, broken-hearted, Kirk’s lost and alone until one small dog refuses to give up on him.

Vibrant widow Miranda Bailey is ready to move into the next phase of her life, except this Christmas is shaping up to be the worst since her husband’s death. But instead of hiding, she takes charge, and drags Kirk into her Christmas miracle.


Multi-published author Bonnie Edwards lives with her husband and pets on the rainy coast of British Columbia. She believes life should be lived with joy and humour. You can find both in her earthy, irreverent, love stories. Sometimes her stories have a paranormal twist, likes curses and ghosts, other times not. But they’re always entertaining and guarantee a happy ending.

With three ongoing romance series (steamy paranormal, sexy contemporary and heartwarming Christmas) and contemporary family novels, she rarely spends a day without writing. She has written novels, novellas and short stories for Kensington Books, Harlequin Books, Carina Press, and Robinson (UK) although now she publishes her work herself. Look for more exciting releases throughout 2017 and 2018…

For more info and sample chapters:

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